“Utopía” of and for a Good Living
Good Living understood as Buen Vivir – Sumak Kawsay in Quichua:
In its most general sense, buen vivir denotes, organizes, and constructs a system of knowledge and living based on the communion of humans and nature and on the spatial-temporal harmonious totality of existence. That is, on the necessary interrelation of beings, knowledges, logics, and rationalities of thought, action, existence, and living. This notion is part and parcel of the cosmovision, cosmology, or philosophy of the indigenous peoples of Abya Yala (Walsh 2010: 18).1
These images are of a Minga to fix up  Barahaka (a sustainable house in Santa Elena on the outskirts of Medellín) on March 28th of this year.
We planted twenty-seven pioneer trees guided by three wise women, who generously shared their knowledge and friendship with and about plants. Pioneer trees are resilent warriors capable of growing under poor and difficult conditions and with them come the bees who bring honey which brings birds and they bring  seeds of other trees. An we get our desired utopia, a native forrest.
That same day, while most of us planted, “el cucho” fixed the composting toilet.
This Minga gathered diverse people, dreams, promises, knowledge and possible future real-utopias.

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