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To do what urges. Never what it is, but how. This small drift-manifesto-poem by Tiqqun, included in the second edition of it’s magazine -unsigned, with no attribution-, is a call for resignation and idleness, for the thinking of certain ways of life that glow in their opacity, in the impossible cross of acceptance and the always absorbed revolutionary counter-summit. Beyond any form of union, and all forms of communitarization on behalf of causes, beyond the promise of peace, and against that promise, Tiqqun calls to civil war, to the production of distance, to existential strike. Beyond the thought of an Utopia, it is a calling to the Topos, to that which is taking place here, now.

Víctor Albarracín

Tiqqun-Introduction to Civil War

(bookmark from page 195 to 224)

Victor Albarracín Llanos (1974) works on projects of a diverse nature. He is the author of three books and a tangle of loose texts on disparate things. He has been co-founder and member of artist-run spaces including El Bodegón (Bogota, 2005-2009), Selecto-Planta Baja (Los Angeles, 2014) and La Parte Maldita, a sporadic office for curatorial projects and publications. You could say he is an artist and curator, and there are some hints that allow to believe him. He is currently part of the curatorial committee of 44 National Salon of Artists (Colombia) and Artistic Director of lugar a dudas. He lives and works around.

lugar a dudas is an artist initiative born in Cali, Colombia. Its initial aim was to strengthen the…