Welcome to VERDE The Experiment
VERDE The Experiment is a collection of practical ideas for those who want to change their consume habits and protect the environment in their daily life. It comprises this blog and the Guide to become a better Earthling which can be downloaded.
But it doesn’t end up there…
We (Paula and Lucia) take these ideas and translate them into experiments in our lives and you get to read about it.
Paula Piedra lives in San Jose, Costa Rica in a two person-one cat household. She works 9 to 5 and is a writer, interior designer and project manager that currently works as a cultural project manager.
Lucia Madriz is Costa Rican but lives in Germany with her husband and her little daughter M. She is a visual artist working from home. She is getting used to the challenges of four seasons weather and becoming a homemaker and mom.
You might want to join us and try some of our experiments and maybe make them part of your life. It takes some time to get your experiment right but every environmental friendly habit is worthy; just imagine the benefits of that action if it doesn’t happen anymore during the rest of your life…
Off course you can adapt and create experiments for your own needs at home, in the workplace and in your community, and share them with friends and colleagues.
Join us and show Mother Earth some love…
Lucia and Paula
You can read the original post in spanish HERE