Our experiment on Waste of food!

Lucia’s experience:

I have been always bothered by the fact that we waste food. It hurts me to throw away that what just a couple of days before was so celebrated and wanted. So, I decided this must be changed.

In our household we are two grown ups and a little girl (M) almost 2 years old. M Food is always a bit of a challenge. When she is hungry food must be there, period. And if she doesn’t like it, something else must appear on her dish ASAP. So, sometimes I end up with a lot of baby food… READ MORE

Paula’s experience:

This week’s experiment is one of the biggest challenges of my daily life and Lucia’s lifestyle seems very different to mine!!!
I currently live with two roommates and my cat R. The cat eats cat food that i buy and my roommates and I have very different schedules, so we don’t share food and each one cooks for herself only. Sometimes we coincide at dinner, but it is something that happens randomly once every two months or less!!!
It is a huge challenge to buy and cook food for only one person… READ MORE