For a week we have been doing VERDE The Experiment in TEOR/éTica. We started with the experiments on PAPER.

At the moment it seems appropriate to share the trash cans to recycle paper that we have in TEOR/éTica’s house as well as in Lado V’s house, also the paper trays used to print, where you can choose between white sheets and sheets for reuse.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 1.53.11 PM

Trash cans and paper tray

Also I’d like to tell about the experience our colaborator Christian Salablanca had in his efforts to collect the paper and make sure this is recycled. Christian is in contact with two men who periodically pass by TEOR/ética, one comes asking for old newspapers and other passes to pick up paper. Last week Christian stopped to chat a little with the gentleman who happens to pick up the paper. The man’s name is Diego Ramon Solano, who is dedicated to walk the streets of Barrio Amon to collect paper from homes and offices. Diego Ramon walks with a cart which builds up the papers and at the end of the day he takes them to Carlos Barquero, who has a place by the Children’s Museum. There he delivrs the paper and gets paid around 35 colones ($0,0018) per kilo (depending on the quality of the paper), less the cost of renting the cart. The days that go well Diego Ramón makes 10000 colones ($18,5) which he spends renting a room and paying for food for himself and his partner.

Christian established with Diego Ramon a monthly visit to give him the paper and as far as possible separate paper from second hand paper (printed) and cardboard.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 1.53.35 PM

Diego Ramón Solano

Finally, Daniela Morales (Lado V’s coordinator + Communication) tells me that since our agreement to implement these new habits she stopped using post-its and began to use a computer application that performs this function. Also, she stopped printing documents being aware that in her work is rarely necessary.

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