Lucia and I have been implementing the VERDE The Experiment exercises in each of our lives and making them our daily habits. There are still many more challenges for me to take and consumption practices that require further questioning and change.

However, parallel to this experiment in my own life life, today VERDE The Experiment aims to go a step further and get into my workplace.

Why? The most obvious thing: this initiative comes at the invitation of TEOR/éTica to join UTOPIA MINGA, a collaborative project of Arts Collaboratory. But beyond that, the desire that these practices affect (in a positive sense) my surroundings and invite others to join the challenge of being more aware of their habits and somehow, though small, have an impact on the environment and helpr us question our priorities as inhabitants of a planet with finite resources and beings.

The first issue we will address is PAPER, here I share the tasks we are proposing. Soon I will be documenting how it goes. I’m positive about the results we will have, knowing that everything that does not go well or we do wrong, also can help us to find better ways to solve it.

See you soon!


Original post in spanish is here: VERDE The Experiment