Following words from Ashirbek’s diary sound as an epigraph to yet unwritten book:

“For there is no knowledge to force you to raise the red banner and to lead you.. and there is no Christ who will turn the other cheek, go to scaffold, suffer physical pain, pacify with his spirit, overcome cold and hunger..”

But there are also other words, also possible epigraph to yet not existing book

“You form bonsai, and bonsai forms you”

Ashirbek says that Zen lets you learn bonsai through experience to the level of intuitive, lets you grow bonsai not knowing botany. Zen is considered as the most practical Buddhist school, that puts first the actions, arguing that only with their help it is possible to gain spiritual knowledge.

Art Group 705, Kyrgyzstan Ashirbek is working on his little bonsai garden for twenty years. He lives in…