This text by Pablo Helguera is part of a range of supplies that we are interested in submitting to a discussion about how the debate of pedagogy has transformed in recent decades. This reflection also accompanies a process of redefining the role of TEOR/éTica and how it has taken on a critical task of formation in the field of education, curating and other areas of mediation between the institution and the different audiences. We believe that one of the most important emergencies of today is to rethink what is understood as knowledge and learning, and the ways in which art introduces different ways to relate to everything around us.

Helguera introduces problematizations we consider valuable about concepts like ‘community’, ‘engagement’ and ‘participation’, which are common currency in many projects from the so called ‘committed’ or ‘socially engaged art’ of recent decades, asking not only for the utopian dimension of art but especially about the processes that construct it’s public dimension, and therefore it’s ability to participate in life in common.


Pablo Helguera-Education for Socially Engaged Art

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TEOR/éTica is a private, non-profit independent project located in San José, Costa Rica. It is dedicated to promote contemporary artistic and curatorial practices from the Central American and Caribbean perspective. It was created following the initiative of Costa Rican artist, curator and researcher Virginia Pérez-Ratton. Amongst its most important initiatives is the Grants and Support Mechanism Program, aimed at encouraging and supporting artistic practices as well as inter-disciplinary and inter-regional collaborations between artists, critics, researchers and curators from Central America and the Caribbean.




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