Everybody lived from agriculture.

In my childhood, my dad sailed to Buenaventura.

He took rice, corn, plantain, coco, avocado, pineapple, orange.

People produced a lot of food, and there was nobody whom to sell to or who could consume it all.

So they sold it in the city.

All this got lost.

The work in group. Before you didn’t need money for field work.

They did exchanges, or mingas.

That day they all went to this neighbour to work;

Then they went to another, like this they got all their work done.

Today, this got lost as well. Few people share work or other things with the neighbour.

Now, money gives power and who has money gets his work done, and who doesn’t have any can’t get things done.


Some say they enjoy the moment, but they live a very accelerated and stressful life.

If they have money and power they are stressed and independent from the other.

This doesn’t mean happiness to me. I like friendly, respectful people who share with others.

Interview with Diego González Valdez, Guachalito, Nuqui, Chocó, Colombia
Direction + Production: Guillaume Parent & Sina Ribak