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Fotocopioteca: MINGA produced a compilation of theoretic recommendations by eight participants, AC partners in Latin America Cooperativa Cráter Invertido, TEOR/ética, Platohedro and Más Arte Más Acción, and lugar a dudas’ collaborators Víctor Albarracín, Helena Producciones, Beta-Local and Sofía Olascoaga.

Keeping the format of Fotocopioteca, this edition consists of eight selected texts, on this particular case we decided to choose a group of participants that would strengthen the communication and knowledge of each other in a shorter range, as well as for pragmatic reasons -we believe in this shorter scale collaborations as more feasible projects.

This common library aimed to gather texts that are significant references for each participant’s projects and practices, that could point out their vision, their on going researches or their concerns, or that would have serve as inspiration for their ways to operate and forms of living.

As it came out it is a hypertext dealing in critical ways with subjects as geopolitics of education and knowledge sharing, the very ideas of revolutionary thinking in recent history and today, and problematic naturalized aspects of contemporary visual culture. Our will is that this edition of Fotocopioteca can function as a tool for each person or organization that receives it, to get in touch with the voices that have fed the ideas and activity of a group of people highly committed to their researches in their own constant, long term operation.

AC partners and collaborators in Latin America are due to receive the collection of printed booklets as part of the MINGA BOX, as well as in lugar a dudas’ web page, and our section on the Minga website. For non spanish speakers we’ve found english versions of the recommended texts, that will be available at mingautopia.net.

List of contributions:

  • Mas Arte Mas Acción: Why Look at Animals? by John Berger
  • Platohedro: Incorrectamente Poli-éticos, a compilation by Platohedro
  • Cráter Invertido: Discurso de Recepción del Premio Libertador Simón Bolívar al Pensamiento crítico by Bolívar Echeverría
  • TEOR/ética: Educación Para un Arte Socialmente Comprometido by Pablo Helguera
  • Víctor Albarracín: ¿Cómo Hacer? by Tiqqun
  • Sofía Olascoaga: Tramas del Aprendizaje (selected fragments) by Iván Illich
  • Beta-Local:Poética Natural, Poética Forzada by Édouard Glissant
  • Helena Producciones: Je est un autre: La Estetización de la Miseria by Michele Faguet.


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