To be closing the documentation of the experiments on the use of paper, I would like to tell how the practices mentioned below went for us. All of them are very simple, but they require tremendous concentration to break habits that we cling like ticks.

We use paper resources mindfully, which means: 

  • We use both sides of a paper sheet (reutilize printed sheets to print in the other side and/or to take notes)

As I had told you before, in each of the printing stations we are handling a tray and put printed paper sheets for reuse, both for printing drafts and to take notes.

  • We prefer taking notes to printing and we print only the strictly necessary

We have substantially reduced the printing of documents as well.

One of the most important decisions we have taken is to stop printing the monthly agenda of our activities. For months, we have printed 35 to 40 posters that were distributed in different places. This decision stems from the assessment of virtual media to communicate the same information, because we do not carry potential “junk” to others (we don’t know how others discard them), we also save the cost of printing and sending someone to distribute it.

The October Agenda is the last one we printed.

The October Agenda is the last one we printed.

  • We use notebooks, booklets or post its before I buy new ones

That’s right, we’re not buying materials that are not necessary.

  • We prefer virtual documents

We moved our mail to the Google server and since then we are using all Google Apps. This helps us to share papers and even store a lot of information that is used daily. Similarly, we use these tools to make notes, to-do lists, etc., when once we used notebooks, paper, post its.

  • We take care that our printed information doesn’t get wasted

If something is printed is no longer needed, it is placed on the tray for reuse. And the decision to have stopped printing the posters with the monthly schedule is associated with this reflection.

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