TB Budiarto sedang melakukan lokakarya bersama anak-anak Ledok Tukangan

Anang dari SAKI dan Annisa Rizkiana Rahmasari berfoto bersama anak-anak setelah lokakarya berakhir

Bacterial accessories yang dibuat anak-anak Ledok Tukangan

September 13 was the last day of “Mingapa Bigini Mingapa Bigitu”. The day started with some participants of the event joint a festival named “Festival Kampoengku Uripku #2” organized by Sanggar Anak Kampung Indonesia (SAKI). The festival took place in ledok Tukangan, a riverbanks area. In the festival, they did some workshops related to “Mingapa Bigini Mingapa Bigitu” theme. The workshops were done based on each participants’ interests. For example, Hysteria Semarang, in collaboration with SAKI, did a workshop on drawing. There was also a workshop on bacterial accessory. Aside from workshops, some also did other things during the festival. For example, there were two participants did trees planting along the riverbanks. After the activities in the festival was done, the participants went back to iCAN to prepare their presentations as the closing activity of “Mingapa Bigini Mingapa Bigitu”. In the evening, the presentation was started. Participants presented their final remarks, findings, or even prototypes as the results of their collaborative works during the event.

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