Lutembe Fantasy Land is an experiment into what it feels to not belong to a fixed place.

The place in which the performance takes place is a decaying, and yet currently being built, beach resort (titled Lutembe Fantasy Land).

The space stands next to Lake Victoria, just outside of Entebbe and in Uganda.

The performance is by Ife Piankhi: a Jamaican/Ugandan poet, musician and visual artist.

Screening details: To be played on a loop. Digitally projected, preferably outdoors, with surround sound.

Concept: Rocca Gutteridge and Ife Piankhi
Performance: Ife Piankhi
Camera and sound: Alex Lyons, Eric Mukalazi, Claire McLay
With special thanks to:
Brian Muggaga
Elsadig Mohammed
Kara Blackmore
Aida Mbowa
Moses Serubiri
Mirembe Musisi
Anne Musisi
Mildred Apenyo
Arts Collaboratory