Still from ‘Jump’

“This place, it’s somewhere between becoming finished and being destroyed…

I, want to leave but there’s nowhere to go to. I want to stay, but I don’t feel at home.”

Lutembe Beach Resort was constructed in the 1970s, by Idi Amin, then president of Uganda. Rumour goes; it was built for his lover and for his friends to party, to indulge and to escape into a utopian paradise.

The Resort has passed through many hands and many rumours since. Each time the Resort is passed on, an owner starts to construct sections and allows other sections to decay. Today, Lutembe Beach Resort is in a space between finished and deserted.

‘Jump’ scans the resort, absorbing it’s majestic beauty and panning over the scars of pain built into its walls. A woman with childlike bird wings is seen, passing through the shots; walking, dancing, jumping. Her voice is heard, somewhere between a bird and a woman.

She is between trying to fly away and not being comfortable to walk. She seeks to make the land and air her home, to move fluidly between the two without constraints.

But the concrete, steel and wooden layers of the resort and the human stories that have constructed it, leave her stuck in a place between land and air, between the soil she jumps from and the stories that disallow her to call this soil home.