« I buntu Ikika ? »

Which means in sanga “What is humanhood” or more precisely “How to explain the fact that I am because you are
The exploration of utopia in this work start from the analysis of the interdependence of men, the “buntu” and is enriched by several political and social “dreams”. The ideological utopias such as the “authenticity” ideology of Mobutu, the “I Have a Dream” speech by Martin Luther King, the works of Cheikh Anta Diop are presented as intermingled lines over periods of shadow and light on the time line.

But Dzi is not only a philosopher and an analyst of the society. He is also an artist whose approach draws on mathematics, physical and mechanical systems, correspondences with the social facts that he visually represents. The utopia of progress becomes an imaginary space in where he brings up tensions and human struggles.

 “We need a global ecology of ideas, a philosophy and a spirituality of everything: science, technology, art, politics, economics, information, religion … knowing that any virus in one of these paradigms leads to a general dysfunction of the whole civilizational system because it is now clear that all these parameters are symbiotic in the functioning of the human mind and society “. DZi

 This exhibition was made after a one-month residency at picha  Art centre,
under Minga Utopia, a project by Arts collaboratory, initiated by Masartemasaccion

Picha, opened in 2010, is an independent space dedicated to artistic research and experimentation. It is located in…