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This was the first step on Michèle Faguet’s research on the term pornomiseria. This research placed the term on an international scenario. From that base we can put in perspective problems like social art and it’s neo-liberal mentality, the biennialization of art fairs and the fairializilation of biennales, etc.

Helena Producciones

Michele Faguet-Je est un autre The Institutionalization of Outsider Art

Helena Producciones is an artist collective researching subjects related to artistic production and it’s conditions from different perspectives. Since 1998 they organize the Cali Performance Festival, winner of the 2012 first Visible Award from Citadellarte Pistoletto. Helena Producciones are: Wilson Díaz, Ana María Millán, Claudia Patricia Sarria, Andrés Sandoval and Gustavo Racines. It’s work has been featured in: Cuerpo Pacífico, CAC, Quito, 2015; Six Lines of Flight: Shifting Geographies in Contemporary Art, SFMOMA, 2012; Living as Form, Creative Time, New York, 2011; Cali en el espejo, Or Gallery, Vancouver, 2007; To be Political it has to Look Nice, Apexart, New York, 2003; De la Representation a l’Action, Le Plateau, Paris, 2002.

lugar a dudas is an artist initiative born in Cali, Colombia. Its initial aim was to strengthen the…