lugar a dudas_Fotocopioteca ///
Our participation in Minga is oriented to the printed publication of the project, it consists of a special edition of Fotocopioteca in the framework of MINGA.

*Fotocopioteca_is a collection of eight literary recommendations, each one by a particular guest that also contributes to an introduction or preface to the recommended text. It generates a quick and more personal approach to knowledge and is developed by links of affinity and collaboration, as this literary fragments are selected specially by someone in a kind of conversational manner around a common subject. It is downloadable and comes ready to print and share with minimum cost.

In the case of MINGA, this publishing exercise is built around the idea of micro-utopia, as it appears on the Temporary Autonomous Zone by Hakim Bey. The intention is to have eight guests recommending texts considering artist-run organizations (like the ones that constitute Arts Collaboratory) as micro-utopias.

For this special edition we are re-thinking the nature of each booklet’s introduction, instead of a preface paragraph related to the recommended text, we want this part to be an interview with each collaborator, in which the subject of our organizations as micro-utopias can have further exploration. Thinking of how this project can integrate other kinds of communication rather than producing a huge amount of text, we consider this interviews can take the form of short visual essays, taking back the idea of visual correspondence that was proposed at the beginning of MINGA.

Guest contributors within Ac:

  • Miguel López: Curator in residence at Teor/Ética, former curator in residence (2012) at lugar a dudas. Co-founder of La Culpable, artist run space in Lima, Perú (2002 -2008)
  • Cráter Invertido: Ac partner in México DF
  • PlatoHedro: Ac partner in Medellín, Colombia
  • Mas Arte Mas Acción: Ac partner in Bogotá and Chocó, Colombia

Contributors outside Ac:

  • BetaLocal: Artist run space in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
  • Sofía Olascoaga: Curator from Cuernavaca, México. Author of Entre Utopía y Desencanto, research project and currently co-curator of Incerteza Viva, 32th Bienal de Sao Paulo. Former collaborator of Cráter Invertido and Teor/Ética, Ac partners in México and Costa Rica.
  • Víctor Albarracín: Artist, writer, and curator from Bogotá, Colombia. Currently works as co-curator of Aún, 44th Salón Nacional de Artistas. Also co-founder of El Bodegón, artist run space in Bogotá, Colombia (2005-2008)
  • Helena Producciones: Artists Collective from Cali Colombia, directors of the Festival de Performance de Cali and the Mobile School of Knowledge.