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From many years on at Beta-Local, we have been interested in thinking the Caribbean, and Puerto Rico within it. Édouard Glissant is an obvious reference, but not because of that, it is all known in our context. The scarce distribution of his work in spanish is surprising for us, and we consider the invitation to participate in Fotocopioteca as a good opportunity to share a fragment from his book El Discurso Antillano (The Caribbean Discourse), published by Casa de las Américas in La Habana. In fact, the copy of the book that we keep in our library is a photocopy that a friend sent to us from USA, and the only original we have seen traveled from Cuba to México, and from there to Barcelona, before it could arrive to Puerto Rico.


Edouard Glissant-Caribbean Discourse

(bookmark from page 120 to 134)

Beta-Local is a non-profit organization based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, dedicated to supporting and promoting aesthetic thought and practices through various programs: La Práctica, a 9-month research and production program for artists and other cultural agents. It’s designed specifically for those interested in creating new conditions, relations and positions from which to produce in and beyond established circuits. The Harbor: a residency program through which artists, curators, thinkers and other makers work with the participants of other programs, develop projects or workshops and offer lectures. And La Ivan Illich, an experimental pedagogical platform through which anyone can propose a class, workshop, conference, encounter, study group or any other knowledge exchange in diverse ranges of time.

Beside these three programs that intertwine and constantly feed off each other; Beta-Local runs a small reference library called La Esquina.


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