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Doual’art is a non-profit contemporary art center focused on art and social urban development. Its purpose is to increase the critical sense of urban populations by supporting the contemporary production of art in Cameroon. Inside the walls, Espace Doual’art offer exhibitions, workshops, seminars, books in the library and host more and more people, particularly youth. Outside the walls, public art commissions and implementation, while using a participatory approach to further the development of cultural identity and aesthetic consciousness in the local population, are supported by the guided and commented tours help to get another idea of the city of Douala in its whole as well as a discussion on the singularity of each location underlined by the speech of the art piece. The center’s work is motivated by the belief that artistic and cultural practice has the potential to instigate social change and is an effective weapon in the struggle against poverty, freedom of expression and social cohesion.

In 2007, Doual’art launched Salon urbain de Douala (SUD), a triennial festival presenting public art in the city of Douala, which takes place every three years the 4th edition will take place in 2016.

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” Utopia ? “Is a video of artist Hervé Youmbi that highlights the dream of a free Africa economically prosperous, Africa that has managed to source healthily into electrical energy and which effectively contributes to the discovery of space. Africa a flagship of the world. This work also raises questions about the utopian nature of […]