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Casa Tres Patios Foundation is a contemporary art center located in Medellín, Colombia. For the past 9 years it has been researching and developing projects with an emphasis on new pedagogies, artistic practices, and open knowledge.

Casa Tres Patio´s multidisciplinary programs are designed to address the needs of children, young people, artists, art students, community leaders, and the general public of all ages and income levels. The current projects are: Laboratorios Comunes de Creación (Creative Communal Laboratories), Creative training, CuBO.X (national residencies and college class), Exhibitions, Berraco, Collaborative Work, Data Management, Knowledge Management, Ripples, and the annual Auction.

Casa Tres Patios believes that the processes of inquiry and independent thinking employed in contemporary artistic practices, the creation and open sharing of knowledge can expand the way we see, the way we think, and the way we interact with the world.

Mapping A Common Language: Starting Points
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Mapping A Common Language: Starting Points

When I was invited by Casa Tres Patios to collaborate on the Minga: Exploring Utopias project, as an artist being interested in the relationship between art, language and boundaries, and using concept mapping or mind mapping as a key practice within my recent work, I decided to begin by mapping… In an effort to start exploring […]