The Art and Environment project of Nubuke Foundation is in the second week of rehearsals. It hopes to crown its execution with a theatre performance by the youth who participated in the entire project’s series of workshops. The performance, will as matter of continuous learning, have other children and youth from neighbouring low income communities as guests who we are hoping will pick vital lessons from this project. We also hope to embed some of these children in our next projects.

This project has evolved from the first to the third and final stage. Art and Environment is a project that started by looking at ways and mean to use both visual and performing arts to send messages of environmental awareness as well as reduce waste production and encourage recycling, especially within low income neighbourhoods.

The targets were met in the sense that after running several workshops with children and youth on how to recycle and reduce their waste production, create art from recycled materials, they wrote and are rehearsing to play a drama that send the messages of what they have learnt, across to other people.

Nubuke Foundation has for close to a decade been a formidable force in bringing art to play it's…