Transferring Transfer: ANGIM Foundation

Actors: Saleh Husein, farid rakun, Leonhard Bartolomeus


“Make friends, not art”

SIASAT, ruangrupa, 2010


In ruangrupa, we are living and making our utopia, through friendship and trust—a condition which is under constant changes, and, in its latest manifestation, turning into ecology.

Being a participant of Arts Collaboratory shows us our ridiculous dream: to have the upper hand, to give away money. Making possible through monetary put into practice.

Practicing our own preach, walking the talk, this is creation through imitation: money as both method and medium. Albeit in much smaller scale, under the name of ANGIM Foundation (‘MINGA’ spelled backwards) we are establishing a trust-based patron system, to strengthen not anyone’s artistic practice per se, but our friendship with money as bond. We are trying to make a partial portrait of what Arts Collaboratory is dreaming of becoming.

All of the €2,000 (too small to make any difference, to big to be treated with indifference) we are entitled to spend are being spent non-discriminatively, by and for our circle of friends, and painstakingly documented. We erase distinctions: art projects are as important as pleasure, parties, and celebrations. Receipts of financial transaction, similar to any report-making process, take the center stage. Report-making might hold aesthetic practice values, and influencing us more than we realize.

See you on the other side: when we ceased to become ballers and spenders. In the meantime, enjoy the pieces we are hinting. It all will makes sense in the end. This, we can promise you.