What are we witnessing here in the garden? Is it a decay or vice versa a rise? Jumble of tables, chairs, unstructured household, shed clogged up with trash and constant assertion that the plan is needed, scientific approach is needed. Isn’t it a theater of absurd? A kind of weakness? Are we seeing slow death of bold adventure – the creation of bonsai here and now?

Wells visiting Russia in 1918 draws his attention to the chaos and jumble in the country and compares an average russian communist with a housewife whose house is turned upside down. He calls Lenin an utopist, who criticizing utopism falls into utopism – faith into electrification, into this “bold project”. It is amazing how difficult is to recognize in an instant what is going on.

Art Group 705, Kyrgyzstan Ashirbek is working on his little bonsai garden for twenty years. He lives in…